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The cultural labour market

The Arts Grants Committee is concerned with issues relating to the labour market for cultural workers and with the practical opportunities available to artists wishing to work artistically in society. As part of its operation, therefore, the Committee engages in dialogue with various government agencies and organisations.

It also has regular platform meetings with the Swedish Unemployment service’s culture and media section and with the Swedish Arts Council. This gives all concerned the chance to exchange information on a more informal basis and to keep track of developments.

The Arts Grants Committee is also represented on the Cultural Employment Council, which meets four times a year. This body was set up to clarify and enhance understanding of the Swedish Unemployment service’s remit, but it also gives those taking part the chance to discuss general strategic issues in the cultural employment sphere. Besides the Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Unemployment service and the Swedish Arts Council, the Council has representatives from artists’ organisations, arts centres, relevant unions and a number of employers.

In addition, the Arts Grants Committee is in regular contact with the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. It also communicates regularly with KLYS (the Swedish Joint Committee for Artistic and Literary Professionals), with individual organisations for artists and with arts centres etc.


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