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International Dance Programme

Photo © Giacomo CorvaiaThe Irish choreographer Aoife MacAtamney on residency for international artists in Malmoe

The International Dance Programme is the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international programme for dance artists. The programme is a result of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s government brief to internationalise dance, with the aim of broadening and developing the international platform for Swedish choreographers and dancers, and providing them with increased possibilities for long-term international contacts.
The International Dance Programme supports Sweden based dance artists with grants, residencies, visiting program and collaborative projects.

The grants are intended for individual, mainly freelance artists not in permanent employment.
To qualify for support you must be a permanent resident of Sweden and/or have your main artistic practice in Sweden.
Please note that you are not eligible for our grants and allowances if you are currently receiving an education/doing a master at, for example, an art college.

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Lea Martini's workshop "Dancing Plague" in Freiburg
(Foto: Rainer Muranyi)

Maria Nilsson Waller 
Maria Nilsson Waller performed Blanca at the Dublin Dance Festival in may 2015
(Photo: José Miguel Jiménez)

Jefta van Dinther performs his piece Grind world-wide
(Photo: Viktor Gårdsäter)

  • Address: International Dance Programme, Maria skolgata 83, 2 tr
  • Phone: vxl: 08 - 50 65 50 00
  • E-mail: info@konstnarsnamden.se