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Grants & Studios

Artists, designers and architects based in Sweden can apply for grants to studios in Sweden and abroad. You can also apply for international cultural exchange, which is a grant that gives you the possibility to work or exhibit abroad or collaborate with an artist outside of Sweden.

Studios in Sweden

Iaspis has twelve studios in Sweden, nine of which are located in Stockholm, and three courtesy of Iaspis’ collaborative partners in Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå. Studio residences for Swedish artists are allocated as grants. Only applicants who are Swedish citizens or whose main artistic practice is in Sweden are eligible for grants.

Proposals for international grant holders can be submitted to the Swedish Arts Grants Committee throughout the year but at the latest on the following dates 2019: February 1, April 26, September 4. The Iaspis delegation decides which of the proposed grant holders will be invited. Leave your proposal for international grant holders here

Studios abroad

Iaspis has a number of studios abroad for artists based in Sweden. Grant recipients are offered the use of a studio, a furnished apartment and a grant to cover costs for subsistence during their residency. Presently, artists based in Sweden can apply for a studio residency in Berlin, Beijing, Kairo, London, New York, Tokyo and Mexico City.

Various models of residencies will be tested

In both the visual art and the applied arts area, various models of residencies are being tested continuosly.

International cultural exchange

Visual artists, designers and architects may receive support for working or exhibiting their work abroad. The aim is to promote international cultural exchange for visual and design artists based in Sweden. The support for international exchange is financed and allocated by the Visual Arts Fund, which is part of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. As an artist working in Sweden you can apply for support to invite foreign practitioners or other people to Sweden for collaboration.

Who can apply?

If you are professionally active in Sweden within the field of visual arts, crafts, fashion, design and/or architecture, you can apply.

International artists are invited by Iaspis and cannot apply for a studio grant.

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Leave your proposal for international grant holders here >>

"Where do artists come from?", question asked by guest producer Theo Ringborg during Open Studios, autumn 2011.

Foto: Iaspis
Ruth Ansel lectures in a seminar supported by Iaspis' grants for international exchange, 2009

Foto: Jean Baptiste Berangér 
Malin Arnell and Emma Hedditch, Iaspis Open House, 2008

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