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International exchange

Visual and design artists may receive support for working or exhibiting their work abroad. The aim is to promote international cultural exchange for visual and design artists based in Sweden. The support for international exchange is financed and allocated by the Visual Arts Fund, which is part of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

The programme comprises grants for:

  • Work or study periods abroad
  • Exhibitions abroad
  • International collaborative projects in Sweden


Working and study periods

If you have been invited to work in a studio / workshop abroad or to participate in a workshop / study course with other artists, you can apply for a grant covering the costs of travel, participation fee, board and lodging.


Allowances for exhibitions abroad are mainly granted to cover costs of travel, transportation, insurance and subsistence. If the Board considers the exhibition to be of special importance, it may grant allowances to cover production costs (e.g. material, catalogue). Only in exceptional cases may support be given to exhibitions in a commercial context.

International collaborative projects

This is a special allowance that enables Swedish artists to invite international artists or other actors in order to benefit from their experience and expertise. The focus of an international collaborative project is the benefit that Swedish artists may gain from such an exchange. The forms may vary: symposia, seminars, workshops, or other joint artistic projects. Allowances may be granted to cover the international guests' costs of travel and subsistence. Allowances may also be granted for the facilities in which the collaborative exchange takes place.

How to apply

Applicants för international exchange must be situated or working in Sweden. Applications for working and studio residencies, exhibitions and collaborative projects are processed four times a year. Applications are only granted if they refer to projects that are not completed at the time of decision; normally 1 month after the application deadline. Thus, no financial support will be granted after the fact. An applicant whose application has been rejected may only in exceptional cases have a renewed application for the same exchange granted. In order for this to be effectuated, important circumstances of the exchange must have been changed after the first decision.

Criteria of assessment

The guiding principle for the Board in the awarding of grants is the artistic quality of the applicant's work and the range of his or her artistic practice. Also of importance is the fact that the location and the context of the exchange may be assumed to be enriching for the applicant. The reasonableness of the conditions offered by the institution or the organisation in question will also be taken into consideration.

Only applicants whose main artistic practice is in Sweden or who are permanent residents of Sweden may be awarded a grant. Only in exceptional cases may support be given to exhibitions in a commercial context. The lowest amount awarded by the Arts Grants Committee is 3,000 SEK.

The Board prioritises support to artists who are invited by other countries' institutions.

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