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Crisis Grant

Grant to cover loss of income during the Corina/covid-19-crisis. The application deadline has expired.

The purpose of the grant is to compensate for professional artists’ loss of income as a result of non-payment of remuneration in connection with cancelled artistic commissions that were planned to take place between 12 March and 31 August 2020. The contract for such a commission must have been signed before 29 March 2020.

Crisis grants can also be applied for artistic commissions that would have occurred during the above-mentioned period but have been postponed until after 31 December 2020, if remuneration for the commission has not been paid or will not be paid during 2020.

Artists whose loss of income amounts to a minimum of 15,000 SEK exclusive VAT (alternatively 15,000 SEK gross in the case of non-payment of salary) are eligible to apply for the grant.

The grant can be applied for at one of three levels: 15,000, 30,000 or 50,000 SEK, based on documented loss of income. Applicants choose their desired level and document loss of income up to the sum applied for. The grant is tax free and does not have to be declared in your tax return.

Other govermental support

There are other governmental support packages that may benefit the cultural sector.
More information can be found at Konstnärsguiden and Tillväxtverket .

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